Andrea Pertlova

Andrea Pertlova is a ward nurse at the Transplant Unit - Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology in University Hospital Motol, Prague. This unit is the only workplace in the Czech Republic performing allogeneic stem cell transplantation (SCT) in children using matched or mismatched family donors or  unrelated donors from all relevant international registries. The spectrum of diagnoses is diverse and includes malignant hematopoietic disorders or solid tumors, congenital and acquired disorders of hematopoiesis, immunodeficiency and metabolic defects. Bc. Pertlova finished secondary medical school in 1996 as a general nurse. In 2008 she obtained the bachelor´s degree at the 3rd Medical School of Charles University in Prague (majoring in health science). In 2010 she started a specialized study of Intensive care in pediatrics. She participates in teaching undergraduate students at the 2. a 3. Medical School of Charles University in Prague. She is devoted to auditing activities for nursing care in University Hospital Motol and actively participates in national and international conferences. She also authored and co-authored several articles in peered reviewed journals