About Project

The objective of this project is to develop an interactive e-training tool for the pediatric BMT nurses in order to provide them with online training opportunities including courses, case studies, self-measurement and evaluation tools and consequently contribute to the improvement of patient care services and patient safety in the long-term.


Remain Professionally Up-to-date

Within the scope of our project, an innovative and up-to-date interactive training material equipped with practical knowledge will be developed for pediatric bone marrow transplantation nurses. The developed system will provide opportunity for pediatric BMT nurses to determine their own training needs with its self-assessment, evaluation and guiding tools. In addition, the proficiency level determination tests will provide immediate feedback to the users.



Allogeneic bone marrow transplantation that is strongly related to high morbidity and mortality rates, places a huge economic burden on patients, patient families and related countries with its low cost/benefit ratio. Hematopoietic bone marrow transplantation method is used in treatment of several pathological diseases varying from cancer and non-cancer blood diseases to metabolic, immunological, and neurodegenerative diseases in children.Most of the diseases that are treated with bone marrow transplantation require special nurse care services in terms of age, nutrition, neurological development and general condition of the patient during pre-transplantation, transplantation and post-transplantation periods. Nursing services have great importance in the success of transplantation. Bone marrow transplantation nurses are one of the most critical personnel group in sustainability of patients' health as well as success and economic efficiency of the transplantation unit. Thus, pediatric BMT nurses are in need of vocational information, guidance and new education materials. However, despite the training needs of BMT nurses, especially in pediatric areas, unfortunately there are very few and inadequate guiding materials available at present.



Based on the conditions mentioned above, we have developed a project to address the training problems of pediatric BMT nurses within the framework of European Commission's Lifelong Learning - Leonardo da Vinci Programme for Vocational Education and Training. The overall aim of the project is utilization of nursing care in the pediatric bone marrow transplantation field in the most efficient and supportive way in order to increase the success rate in bone marrow transplantation procedures and post-transplantation care services and consequently contribute to public health.


Outputs and Added Value

The e-training and self-evaluation and measurement tools to be developed within the scope of the project are planned to supplement the BMT nurses' theoretical and practical knowledge and contribute to the standardization process in daily practice. The e-library section of the portal will encompass courses and case studies on important topics relating to pediatric BMT. In the self-evaluation and measurement section, there will be quizzes involving three groups of questions: questions regarding each course, questions for general level assessment and questions for self-evaluation. The multi-language portal that will be in Turkish, English, German, Spanish and Czech languages in the short-term, would also contain forums where nurses, physicians and patients can share information and exchange views. Pediatric BMT administration protocols addressed in current literature generally cover preparation regimes only. There is lack of knowledge in supportive therapy and services especially in pediatric BMT. Therefore our project aims at pediatric BMT nurse training which we believe would lead to an improvement in patient safety in the long-term.